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Genocide Shrines: We Caught Humanity Across their Throats

When you think of the most gutteral, evil, bestial metal, the first country that pops into mind might not be Sri Lanka.  But it should be.  Genocide Shrines demands attention.  Luckily for the universe, this band is gaining more and more ground.   Steeped in Hela myth, live riutal and mystery, this four piece's music completely destroys everything in its path a la Revenge, Blasphemy, Black Witchery.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.  If I did a Top of 2012, this would be on it.

PitGoddess: Hails Trident, I hope this finds you well.  You guys are really gaining a lot of momentum! Not only do you have a big fan base in SL, everyone I mention Genocide Shrines to has already heard of you.  Did you expect to receive so much positive feedback so quickly?

Trident: HELL P.G.! Not at all. The EP was meant to be a demo release, but during final stages of manipulation, myself and Blasphemous WarGoat (BWG, drums) made a decision to aim higher. Seems we caught humanity right across their THROATS!

PG: Can you tell me a bit about the imagery you guys use? 
T: Our expressions are made through the most minimalistic channels possible. Most channels and the expressions tend to follow a certain abstract impression, since we do not divulge much to the follower regarding certain secured ancient knowledge bestowed upon us throughout the centuries. But I believe there have been a few questions relating to the use of the
स्वस्तिक/ (swastika) on our merchandise and here’s one answer for all those who questioned the stance of it: NO we do not herald or support such ludicrous propaganda. We come from ancient faith, with earthly submissions to astrological mystics and auspicious commencements.

PG: Genocide Shrines seems like a group of dedicated, professional and talented musicians.  How did you meet such a great group of people?
T: The years I personally have known some of the members who are associated with this project spans beyond 10/13 years, and I believe the randomness in which I’ve met these individuals emanates itself in a filthy aura that surrounds GS’s horrendous output.

PG:  You played the Siam True Metal Fest in December with other awesome bands.  In fact, all your live shows look amazing.  What’s a Genocide Shrines live ritual like?
T: UTTER chaotic submission rituals for Maha Ravana! Hail the true cult of Siam!

PG: What is the Sri Lankan metal scene like?  Do you ever run into difficulty with local officials for your music or art?
T: Of course, and it’s getting even more dangerous by the day. Hence the protective identities when it comes to purging our filth out in the public. But the “scene” is growing, I don’t have the luxury of time to pay much attention to it as I did 10 years back, but from what I am aware, projects like Manifestator, Plecto Aliquem Capite, Pariah Demise, Goatmunition are definitely recommended to anyone who fancies obscure Metal.

PG: What other Sri Lankan or southeast Asian bands should we be listening to? 
T: Orator/Barzakh from Bangladesh, Zygoatsis/SOD/Goatchrist666 from Siam, THE MIGHTY IMPIETY and Nechbeyth from Singapura hell come to mind! If it was just one from Sri Lanka, I’d have to point to the hills of the Senkadagala kingdom and whisper murderously… THAPAS.

PG:  Aw man, what about food?  What is THE dish to eat where you’re from?  Are there any must-see tourist/sightseeing/other cool icons near you?
T: Colombo is dead for tourists, nothing to see here. In regards to your initial question, I’d have to recommend the most blasphemous of all… kaapiya KOTHTHU!

PG: Do you have plans to do a follow up to the EP?  When can we expect that?
T: Visuals and concepts are already been sculpted on. Expect the announcement of the debut LP.

Trident Live Ritual

PG: You have an incredibly deep, textured vocal style.  Do you use any gear to achieve that sound?  Or any special singing techniques?
T: No.

PG: When you’re not making kick ass metal, what do you do for fun?
T: Personally, I have an addiction to travel. Anywhere really, but mostly due to personal reasons, my radius is limited to Sri Lanka. So I tend to travel far, for days on end either alone or with a few comrades. I am an ardent Sri Lankan History fanatic, so my time researching, reading, experiencing, discussing consists as “fun” for me I guess. Other than that? Inhale death by worshipping and reveling in the majestic Thriloka Vijaya. That’s “getting stoned” for you westerners.

PG:  Quick, if you could pick three bands to headline a fest in SL, which would you pick and why?
T: Why would you do that to someone starved on such matters for decades on end? Ask me again on your next issue, this one will take some time.

PG: With your early popularity, do you think there’s hope for some kind of world tour?  Is there any place in particular you’d want to play?
T: I’m not aware of any “popularity” but Europe and States are definitely future goals.

PG:  I think the awesome imagery you guys use contributes to all the awesome GS shirts I see all over.  If someone wanted to by merch, where would you suggest they buy it?
T: Vault of Dried Bones for the “Kaalisutra”, Iron Bonehead Prods., Khaoshiva Merch Sri Lanka.

PG: Clearly, I have stolen enough of your time, which I appreciate so deeply!  Is there anything else you want to add?
T: My sincere gratitude to you, Madame PitGoddess and for all our “supporters” for the interest. OmTatSat!!!!!!!!!!

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